About Us

About Us

Once Upon A Time is a furniture store that is located in Bowral. We are a part of an international group that designs, manufactures and sells thousands of furniture worldwide.

Our production is mainly exotic handmade furniture. All of our furniture is manufactured using natural materials. These range from various types of solid timber, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, petrified wood and many other natural products.

Whether you have a hotel, a restaurant, a holiday rental, a home or a farm, you will certainly find something that pleases you within our large range of products.

If you are in the hospitality industry, Once Upon A Time can style your restaurant, bar or accommodation. We will help to select or design the dining tables and dining chairs with the comfort and look that you require. As well as assisting with your alfresco with our wide range of outdoor furniture that can withstand the rain.

To decorate and/or furnish your home, then your choices with us are limitless. Within our various collections, you will find everything for your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, terrace and garden.

 If you do not find your desired style, then we can custom design and produce the furniture that you are looking for.

Browse through our catalogues to see everything we manufacture. Visit us in-store to see what we have in stock or you can order anything from our catalogues which will be in Australia within 14 weeks.

37 Station Street, Bowral

NSW, 2576


02 4862 5512



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